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    nFLOW Engine Replacement Options

    When it's time to replace the engine in your ATV or UTV, you need a solution as robust and reliable as the adventures or work you undertake. At nFLOW, we recognize the urgency of getting you back to action. Therefore, we offer two tailored engine replacement options:

    Option 1: Remanufacture My Engine

    If you prefer retaining the engine that has powered your journeys, opt for our Custom Remanufacturing service. Send us your engine, and we'll restore it, blending our technical expertise with the unique history of your engine.

    Option 2: Purchase nFLOW Crate Engine

    For immediate needs, select from our inventory of Ready-to-Ship Remanufactured Engines. These engines are rebuilt to meet or exceed OEM standards, minimizing your downtime and getting you back to your rides swiftly.

    Whichever option you choose, nFLOW is dedicated to delivering quality, reliability, and exceptional performance. Start now to find the ideal solution for your ATV or UTV.

    Option 1: Remanufacture My Engine

    Send Your Engine for Custom Remanufacturing with nFLOW

    Step 1: Order Your Engine Remanufacture

    • Engine Selection: Confirm your engine model using our fitment generator.
    • Order and Payment: Place your order and complete the payment to initiate remanufacture.

    Step 2: Engine Pickup Arrangement

    • Preparation Guide: Prepare your engine for pickup as per our instructions.
    • Schedule Pick-Up: Contact us to arrange a convenient pickup time.

    Step 3: Remanufacture Process

    • Expert Remanufacturing: Your engine will undergo a detailed disassembly, inspection, and remanufacturing.
    • Communication Assurance: We'll keep you informed, especially if there are any concerns with your engine's core.

    Step 4: Return of Your Remanufactured Engine

    • Shipping Back: Your remanufactured engine will be shipped back to you, ready for installation.

    Step 5: Enjoy Your Ride

    • Enjoy the ride with your nFLOW remanufactured engine, confident in its high-quality standards.

    Option 2: Purchase nFLOW Crate Engine

    Order a Ready to Ship Remanufactured Engine

    Step 1: Selection and Payment

    • Locate Your Engine: Use our fitment generator to find the right engine for your vehicle.
    • Deposit Details: An $800 refundable deposit is required and is fully refundable upon return of your old engine.

    Step 2: Engine Installation

    • Installation Guide: Transfer the necessary components from your old engine to the new nFLOW engine.

    Step 3: Returning Your Old Engine

    • Packing Instructions: Securely pack and prepare your old engine for return using our guide. Please return the engine core within 30 days of receipt. The returned core should be the same unit you purchased, complete, fully assembled, and in rebuildable condition. Ensure it is free from visible or repaired cracks, holes, or other significant damage to qualify for the refund.

    Step 4: Scheduling Pick-up

    • Easy Shipping: Contact us to arrange a convenient pick-up time for your old engine.

    Step 5: Refund and Enjoy

    • Deposit Refund: Receive your deposit back once we verify your old engine.
    • Enjoy Your Engine: Trust in the reliability of your nFLOW engine, delivering OEM-level quality.

    Explore our wide range of remanufactured engines for all the top manufacturers including Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, and Yamaha. Whether for work or play, find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

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