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    nFLOW Remanufacturing Process for Can-Am Engines

    nFLOW Remanufacturing Process Overview for Can-Am Engines

    nFLOW's commitment to excellence leverages precision engineering and a meticulous rebuild process to ensure each Can-Am engine not only meets but exceeds stringent quality standards, restoring each engine to its peak performance.

    Precision-Engineered Internal Components

    Cylinder Head:

    • Type: Selectively sourced as new or remanufactured to ensure optimal performance.
    • Features: Incorporates an upgraded valve train for enhanced efficiency and power output.

    Top End Components:

    • Cylinder: Subjected to CNC machining and diamond honing for precise dimensions and surface finish.
    • Pistons: Upgraded to superior versions for improved combustion and reduced wear.
    • Additional Components: Includes ring sets, circlips, and a camshaft timing chain, all selected for their durability and performance.
    • Gaskets & Seals: A complete set ensures airtight sealing, preventing leaks and maintaining compression.

    Robust Bottom End Components


    • Type: New or remanufactured, each piece is rigorously tested to meet exacting standards.
    • Standards: Every crankshaft adheres to strict quality controls for balance and integrity.

    Bearings & Oil System:

    • Bearings: Upgraded for superior load capacity and longevity.
    • Oil Pump with Chain: New assemblies ensure optimal lubrication under all operating conditions.
    • Gaskets & Seals: Comprehensive sealing solutions prevent leaks and maintain oil pressure.

    Included External Components

    Essential for immediate installation and include stator cover gasket, and exhaust manifold gasket, ensuring a comprehensive solution.

    Exclusions for Clarity

    To facilitate seamless integration with existing parts, certain components are not included: oil filter, spark plugs, stator and its cover, flywheel, and oil cap.

    Specialization in Can-Am Engine Models

    nFLOW's expertise spans a broad array of Can-Am engine models, covering both ATV and Side-by-Side (UTV). This specialization ensures that whether you own an Outlander, Renegade, Commander, Defender, Maverick, or any other Can-Am model, nFLOW has the knowledge and components to bring your engine back to life.

    Can-Am ATV Models

    Can-Am Off-Road Side-by-Side (UTV) Models

    • Commander 1000, 1000R, 800 Engines
    • Defender HD10, HD5, HD8 Engines
    • Maverick 1000, Sport 1000, Sport 1000R, Trail 1000, Trail 800, X3 Turbo Engines

    The nFLOW Difference

    A commitment to quality assurance, advanced techniques, customer support, and a robust warranty ensures that each nFLOW remanufactured engine delivers unparalleled reliability and performance.

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    Can-Am Remanufactured Engines at nFLOW

    Looking for a robust solution for your Can-Am SXS (UTV) or ATV engine? nFLOW is your go-to source for remanufactured engines, ensuring your vehicle runs like new.

    Our Expertise

    Expertly remanufactured engines for a wide range of Can-Am models, with availability from years 2008 to 2024. Our process ensures that every engine, from the versatile Defender HD5 to the high-performance Maverick X3 Turbo, meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

    Remanufacturing Excellence

    A thorough and detailed process that includes disassembly, cleaning, and inspection to identify and replace worn or damaged parts with new or remanufactured premium components.

    Comprehensive Component Work

    • Bottom End Components: Crankshaft, bearings, oil pump, chain, gaskets, and seals.
    • Top End Components: CNC machined cylinder, pistons, rings, clips, camshaft timing chain, gaskets, and seals.
    • Cylinder Head: Upgraded valve train to the highest quality standards.

    Engine Core Exchange Program

    Minimize downtime with our engine core exchange program. Choose from having your current engine remanufactured or receiving one that's ready to go. Free crate shipping and core returns included.

    The nFLOW Difference

    A comprehensive process that ensures your Can-Am engine is returned to as good as, or better than, new condition, focusing on restoring powerful performance to full capacity.

    Our Warranty

    All remanufactured Can-Am engines come with a 6-month warranty, affirming the quality of our work and providing peace of mind with your investment.

    With nFLOW, expect your remanufactured Can-Am engine to deliver the reliability and performance these vehicles are known for. Get your engine ready to install and backed by our trusted warranty today.

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