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    Shipping and Return Policy

    Return Authorization Process:
    Before initiating a return, we kindly request our valued customers to follow the outlined procedure:

    1. Contact nFLOW:
      • Reach out to us via email, written correspondence, or phone within 30 days of receiving the product to notify us of your intent to return.
      • Engine must not have been installed to be eligible for return.
    2. Provide Essential Details:
      • Include the following information in your communication:
      • Date of communication
      • Original invoice number
      • Stock number of the product
      • Detailed description of the defect or reason for return
    3. Obtain Return Authorization:
      • Await a written return authorization from nFLOW before proceeding with the return. This authorization is crucial for a smooth and efficient return process.
    4. Include Proof of Purchase:
      • Ensure you include a copy of the original purchase invoice along with the return. Proof of purchase is a mandatory requirement for all return cases

    Restocking Fee:
    Please note that returns may be subject to a restocking fee.

    Shipping Policy:

    1. Package Inspection:
      • Customers are advised to inspect the package thoroughly upon delivery. In the event of any damages, it is crucial to report the issue to the shipping company immediately.
    2. Damaged Products:
      • If the product is found to be damaged during the inspection, please do not accept the delivery. Instead, notify the shipping company promptly, and contact us at nFLOW to initiate the necessary steps for a replacement or resolution.
    3. Engine Shipping:
      • Engines include free UPS ground shipping. However, for those seeking expedited shipping, this can be arranged at the customer's expense. Please contact our customer support team to discuss and arrange any expedited shipping options.

    These guidelines are in place to ensure a seamless delivery process and to address any issues promptly. If you have further inquiries or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer support team.

    For matters not explicitly covered in our Shipping and Return Policy, we kindly direct our customers to refer to our standard Terms and Conditions page. It provides comprehensive information regarding the terms of service, warranty details, and other essential aspects of our business relationship.

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