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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Choose a Reman Engine?
    Choosing a remanufactured engine from nFLOW offers several key advantages:
    • Cost-Effectiveness: The total cost of repair is often lower with a remanufactured engine compared to using a rebuild kit. This makes it a more economical choice in the long run. 
    • Simplicity & Convenience: Unlike rebuild kits that add complexity to the repair process, our remanufactured engines provide a straightforward, drop-in replacement solution. This eliminates the hassle and reduces the time spent on engine repairs. 
    • Availability & Variety: nFLOW stocks remanufactured engines for a wide range of makes and models. This availability ensures quick access to the engine you need, significantly easing the burden of inventory management. 
    • Environmental Benefits: Remanufacturing is a greener choice. It saves up to 85% of the energy, water, and material use compared to the production of new engines. By choosing a remanufactured engine, you're making an environmentally responsible decision.

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    What is a Crate Engine?

    A crate engine is a fully assembled engine assembly that is shipped in a crate, ready to be installed in a vehicle. nFLOW specializes in remanufactured crate engines specifically for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility task vehicles (UTVs), and side-by-sides. Here's what you need to know:

    • Fully Assembled: Crate engines arrive completely assembled, which generally includes the engine block, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, cylinder heads, and valvetrain. This readiness for installation is a key advantage, saving time and effort for the customer.
    • Exclusively Remanufactured at nFLOW for ATVs, UTVs, and Side-by-Sides: While crate engines can be new or remanufactured, nFLOW exclusively offers remanufactured crate engines. These engines are specifically designed for all-terrain and utility vehicles. They have been meticulously disassembled, inspected, and rebuilt with new or refurbished parts to meet stringent specifications.
    • Convenience: A major benefit of choosing a remanufactured crate engine from nFLOW is convenience. These engines are fully assembled and tested, significantly simplifying the process of engine replacement in ATVs, UTVs, and side-by-sides.
    • Applications: Our remanufactured crate engines are perfect for a variety of applications, including restoring older ATVs, upgrading the performance of UTVs, or replacing engines in side-by-sides.
    • Variety: nFLOW provides a diverse range of remanufactured crate engines to meet various specifications and performance requirements for all-terrain and utility vehicles.
    • Warranty and Reliability: nFLOW's remanufactured crate engines come with a warranty, ensuring quality and reliability. This is crucial for customers who depend on their all-terrain and utility vehicles for recreational or work-related activities.

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    What is nFLOW’s Engine Remanufacturing Core Exchange Program?

    nFLOW's Engine Remanufacturing Core Exchange Program is a key element of our remanufacturing process. Here's how it works:

    • Initiation through Purchase: The program begins when a customer purchases a remanufactured engine from nFLOW.
    • Reusability of Components: A large percentage of engine components are suitable for remanufacturing, particularly due to the high cost of original parts. This includes robust materials like castings, which are ideal for reuse, preventing waste.
    • Customer Priority: Many of our customers are mainly concerned with quickly getting their vehicles back on the road. Our remanufactured engines provide a reliable and efficient solution to meet this need.
    • Mandatory Core Return: When a customer buys a remanufactured engine, they are required to return their old engine (the "core") to nFLOW. Upon returning the core, customers receive an $800 credit, which is an essential part of the exchange process.
    • Core Evaluation: Each returned core is thoroughly evaluated to determine if it is eligible for remanufacturing. This rigorous assessment ensures that we maintain the high standards of quality and reliability nFLOW is committed to. Only cores that pass our evaluation are selected for remanufacturing.

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    Rebuilt vs Remanufactured

    The terms "rebuilt" and "remanufactured" are commonly used in the context of restoring products like machinery, vehicles, and electronic equipment. However, they refer to different levels of restoration. Here's what each term means:

    • Meaning: Rebuilding involves disassembling, cleaning, and repairing or replacing the worn or damaged components. The focus is on restoring the functionality of the item.
    • Usage: Commonly used for machinery, vehicles, or parts like engines or transmissions. For example, a rebuilt engine may have its worn parts replaced, but not every component is necessarily brought back to original specifications.
    • Extent of Work: Rebuilding generally addresses the most significant wear or damage. Not all parts are replaced; only those that are excessively worn or have failed are typically addressed.
    • Meaning: Remanufacturing is a more comprehensive process. It includes completely disassembling the product, thoroughly cleaning all components, and replacing any parts that are worn or outdated with new ones. The item is then reassembled to meet the original manufacturer’s specifications.
    • Usage: Used for machinery, vehicles, and electronics. A remanufactured product is essentially brought back to a ‘like new’ condition, with performance and durability that are comparable to new products.
    • Extent of Work: Remanufacturing is more extensive than rebuilding. It often includes updating the item to current manufacturing standards, which may involve replacing more parts and potentially upgrading certain components.

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