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    Why choose a rebuilt engine when you can opt for a dependable, like-new remanufactured engine for your ATV, Side-by-Side, or UTV? With a 6-month warranty, nFLOW ensures you'll be restoring your vehicle to its original performance.

    About Remanufacturing

    At nFLOW, we often address a common query: the distinction between remanufactured, rebuilt, and used engines. It's easy to mix these terms up, but the differences are significant, especially when considering a replacement for your ATV, Side-by-Side, or UTV engine.

    Our nFLOW remanufactured engines aren't just rebuilt; they're brought back to life with precision, matching or surpassing OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards. Plus, we back our work with a robust 6-month nationwide warranty. You get all these benefits at a surprisingly affordable cost.

    When deciding on a component for your ATV or UTV, it’s crucial to understand what you're investing in. Let’s clarify the differences:

    Used Engines:

    These are simply extracted from vehicles, often salvage-yard finds, with no cleaning or inspection. They may have extensive wear or hidden damage, particularly if they're from accident-involved vehicles. Their reliability is a gamble due to unknown mileage and maintenance history.

    Rebuilt Engines:

    Rebuilding involves cleaning, inspecting, and replacing parts that are excessively worn or broken, while reusing parts within acceptable wear limits. The quality of rebuilt engines can vary, and they often come with limited warranties.

    Remanufactured Engines:

    This is where nFLOW excels. Remanufacturing brings engines as close to new as possible. Wearable parts are replaced, and all components are scrutinized and tested to meet stringent quality standards. New or requalified replacement parts are used, ensuring adherence to OEM standards. With nFLOW, you receive an engine that's thoroughly remanufactured, backed by a 6-month warranty, giving you confidence and reliability.

    Engine Comparison Chart

    Engine Type Cost Reliability Warranty Quality
    Used Engines Lowest Varies (Unknown) Limited or None As-Is, Varies
    Rebuilt Engines Moderate Good Limited Variable, Some New Parts
    Remanufactured Engines Higher Excellent Extended (e.g., 6 months) Like-New, OEM Standards

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    2019-2023 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Engine
    2019-2023 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Engine $3,895.00
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